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They need a bachelor`s degree and extensive online writing experience, and the salary is about $13 to $20 per hour. Best of all, these companies are specifically looking for legal writers who can work from home to reduce the overhead of hiring someone to come to their office. The Legal Writing Institute (or LWI) is a non-profit organization that aims to improve and develop professional legal writing by supporting the development of educational resources and forums. Nolo has been publishing do-it-yourself legal guides since 1971. It has since evolved with technology, and now and the Nolo Network is one of the largest free libraries of legal information on the Internet. LawLytics is currently looking for remote legal writers to create compelling content such as original articles and in-depth blog posts for various lawyers` websites and blogs. As such, it usually offers several legal writing jobs through different companies, as well as blogs and websites. Freelancers who wish to be regularly informed of available contract work that can be done from home should register for FlexJobs. Currently, Nolo hires legal writers to write about veterans` benefits and taxes for small business owners. This new job board regularly accepts new members, but you can still search the site for jobs in legal writing for free and even find out which companies/clients are hiring. It appears that most, if not all, of the writing jobs listed here are remote and independent.

To apply for freelance employment as a legal writer at Quimbee, you must be a graduate of law school. Experience with law reviews is an asset. The average salary for legal writers is about $46,500 per year, or about $22 per hour, although the range is between $18 and $28 (source). Higher education and more technically demanding writing jobs will lead to higher salaries. Some job postings come with six-figure salaries. The website is also a good source of legal information and news and publishes its own magazine. Membership is free. Payment is per finished article, and editors work with an editor to decide topics and submission deadlines. Authors keep their own signature, and this signature can be linked to their own professional website.

They are currently looking for remote content writers to help the layman understand bankruptcy, student loans, debt collection, debt settlement, debt consolidation, foreclosure, redemption, creditor harassment, and many other legal concepts. If you want to be a legal writer, I hope the list above helps you find the company that`s right for you. Indeed offers a whole host of legal author positions and is another free resource that freelancers should try often. Where we work Our team benefits from hybrid/remote flexibility and we offer our employees a generous WFH budget to create a productive and ergonomic WFH environment. You need an author who has at least 2 years of experience as a content writer and preferably in the legal industry. LegalMatch is a website dedicated to connecting its clients with legal issues with the right lawyer. His areas of expertise include family, employment, criminal defense, real estate, business, immigration, personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy, government and intellectual property. In addition to web design, they offer content marketing solutions, including blog posts, biographies, press releases, legal articles, newsletters, and social media texts. By assuming the search terms “legal writer” and removing any location references, you can get at least 5 results.

Positions may be further reduced depending on salary range, type of job and level of experience. They regularly hire legal writers to create content to upload to websites for law firms and lawyers. On this page, you will find instructions on how to apply to PaperStreet as a legal writer. They also post vacancies as legal writers on job boards. They also have a law library that they are proud of as one of the most comprehensive and popular online legal resources. They plan to help companies in the legal sector and are looking for freelance legal researchers and writers to create 275- to 450-word blog posts on U.S. legal topics such as personal injury, family law, business law, criminal law, or civil law. If you have a lawyer, lawyer, or at least a legal background who can write and prefers to work from home, you`re in luck: various law firms and agencies now offer legal writing jobs to create content on their websites as well as on their clients` websites. Senior Legal Counsel The candidate will do so.

a wide range of legal issues, including company law, securities,. Develop internal processes for legal project management and between teams. Coordination. Risk-weighted legal advice to management. and dispute resolution. Conduct legal research on regulatory issues. You`d be surprised how many legal writer positions are posted on generic job boards. 24 Companies That Offer Home Captioning Work The Internet has certainly changed many industries, and the legal profession is one of them. More and more people are searching for legal information online, including other lawyers, law students and, most importantly, potential clients. They provide legal advice and write job postings from across the country and post them on their online job board. Not all advertised jobs are remote and do not work from home.

However, there is an occasional assignment for a writer or distance teacher. They don`t currently have any legal writer positions open, but they open them regularly, so check their career page from time to time. If legal writing isn`t your strong suit or you`re interested in other copywriting jobs you can do at the same time, here are some other articles on this website that will land you other homewriting jobs. It hires legal writers to build its growing library of case studies and abstracts, online courses, articles and white papers, as well as study guides and practical questions for the Bar Association. The remuneration varies according to the duration of the work and the experience of the author. If you`re new to legal writing, this company is a good place to gain experience. But why would they need legal drafters? Here are 10 websites that regularly recruit legal writers. BluShark Digital is a digital marketing company that provides SEO solutions to small and large law firms and solo lawyers.

Legal Counsel The candidate reduced. External advice and management of legal settlement. Evaluate and coordinate. Answers to legal questions, including, but not limited to. Subpoenas, contracts and other legal matters as they arise. Documents, leases and other legal documents as required. Developed. or.

This job board often lists freelance and legal writing jobs in areas such as bankruptcy, family law, estate planning, and more. This website offers fully remote legal writing concerts in areas such as contracts, family, criminal law, intellectual property, and corporate law. In today`s post, I list companies that offer legal writing jobs that you can do from home. You are currently looking for a legal content writer to create effective content on legal topics for various print media such as e-books, white papers, blog posts, and more. Martindale-Nolo is a partnership between Nolo and Martindale-Hubbell that provides a highly targeted lead generation service that helps lawyers and law firms grow their practice. They regularly hire legal writers to create well-written and informative articles on various areas of law such as bankruptcy, criminal law, immigration, Medicaid, personal injury, labor law, and many others. Working from home Writing jobs Get paid to write articles Get paid to write: 153+ freelance writing jobs you can do from home Do You Have experience in legal writing? Have you ever applied as a legal writer? FlexJobs is a subscription-based job board that focuses on listing only freelancers and/or telecommuting.