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The Institute of Legal Finance & Management

We offer recognised professional qualifications, regular training days on industry-relevant topics, regulatory information and many features and support services, including an industry magazine. The Institute has become the preferred resource for thousands of leading professionals in the legal sector. The Institute of Legal Finance & Management is one of the UK`s leading member organisations in the legal sector. The Institute offers a clearly defined career path to complete education and develop skills in legal financing and practice management. Our program below has become the first choice for the industry: we are a registered foundation and our students are confident in the knowledge that their skills will be relevant to their department after graduation. The Institute is dedicated to promoting innovation, promoting education and promoting excellence throughout the legal sector. Our education and training aims to raise awareness, promote good business practices and maintain high standards to ensure that clients` money and assets are protected and treated ethically. All of our online courses are live and interactive, so you can connect with our experienced experts and ask questions during the broadcast. All experts have or work in legal practice dealing with all aspects of legal financing, allowing them to share their in-depth knowledge and experience in compliance areas such as changes to the new SRA accounting rules or the dreaded issue of payments and VAT. Training from just £75.

The Institute of Legal Finance and Management (ILFM) is the UK`s leading membership organisation in the legal sector, providing a range of services designed exclusively for legal finance professionals and legal management professionals such as legal cashiers, account managers, COFAs and practice managers, as well as individual practitioners dealing with these roles. Through regular and industry-relevant training, regulatory information, a live chat support function, and an industry magazine, ILFM has become the go-to place for thousands of leading professionals, including those considering a new career in the legal sector. Your investment in each certificate is £495 and includes all your course and exam fees. You must be a member of the Institute to study for our qualifications. The next payments must be made no later than June 30, 2022 and no later than June 31, 2022. March 2023 We are running correspondence courses to support the teaching of diploma and associate exams. Our dedicated tutors help students in their courses and provide advice, advice and feedback. Distance learning courses offer a flexible way to adapt to your professional and personal life: you can study whenever you want and in your free time.

Finally, we can help you check if other relevant qualifications you have may qualify you for exemptions from our exams. Each certificate can be completed as “autonomous” or used together to acquire the Institute`s professional qualifications. Next settlement date is November 30, 2022 no later than December 14, 2022.