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More than three years from May 2019 Cooperation with helbing law group on debt consolidation relating to three credit cards. The first time they promise me this process, it only takes 4 months. For the past two years, they have taken $323 from my checking account every month. They put me on a legal matter of my account and I paid extra for the lawyer for this process, they also didn`t pay 40%. 3 years later, my credit card is still not paid. When I call them tired of learning the same word. Please note that. Is the Helbing Law Group lagging behind? They sent a letter and other information to fill out. Veronica Helbing Law Group is legitimate. Very good lawyer and he helped me with my debts. I think Helbing Law Group missed an incredible opportunity to provide people with great customer support and gain new fans. From the people who commented on this post, it is clear that some have opinions about the company.

I stayed at Helbing Law Group for 11 months. Pays 378.54 per month. I paid one of our creators, but I have two American Exp. And I recently have newspapers saying I`m going to be prosecuted. Don`t understand. I need help, real help. And they didn`t eat anything with other creators, what can I do to solve this problem. Steve, you`re a bastard!!!!! You are trying to sell the debt settlement by beating another legal group.

I personally dealt with Helbing Law Group and they settled for me. Find out the facts before blaming a really good company doing work. You can contact me under my email that I will go. I know you will not. For anyone who really needs help and wants a reference, please send me an email. I want Helbing Law Group to call me or send me an email saying “YOU HAVE MY DATA”. I am trying to reach out to all of you. When I signed up, they always answered the phone and were easy to contact until I signed the agreement. I have been paying you all for 5 months.

I sent an email and no one replied within 3 months. Mike created my account and someone named Erik is the “owner” or lawyer who is supposed to own this business. If you can reply to this post, you can call me. The people who posted below are not lying. I was in Helbing for 1 year and they didn`t settle 12 accounts of me. Every time I ask them why they haven`t paid their bills yet, they say they`re trying to pay 40%, but nothing yet. I can`t wait for anything to be done. I need help and I don`t know what to do. I am worried.

My husband and I have paid regularly every month, but we are very uncomfortable with this legal group. You call customer service and if you are asked to be transferred to certain people, there is no voicemail with voices. We call Monday first!!! We feel cheated. It`s very strange. Give something better! Hello, I hired a debt settlement law group three months ago and today I terminated my agency contract. They didn`t want to reimburse me for my first two payments of $686.22 because my prior agreement states that the first two payments are 100% for attorneys` fees. But I didn`t know the FTC had a rule that doesn`t allow debt settlement companies to advance legal fees if they haven`t reached a settlement. That`s the frustrating part, because they hadn`t even sent a power of attorney to my creditors, which is why they harassed me for three months.

They said it`s the cost of finding a lawyer who can represent me in my home state of California. This legal group is called Helbing Law Group, and when they send me an email, their signature block shows an address 12333 Sowden Rd., Ste. B, 79507, Houston, TX 77080, and when I search for them in Texas Corporation Search, the agreement says lost. Unfortunately, I signed the advance agreement without reading everything, and it was my mistake to assume that the paralegal reviewing the contract with me would mention all the critical parts of the agreement, but is there a way to bypass the advance agreement and get my money back? I just don`t want to go through this whole process if I don`t have the right to claim legal fees because I signed the agreement with them. There are no cookie-cutter models or strategies. You will work directly with an experienced insolvency lawyer. Contact us anywhere in Fox Cities today for a free initial consultation at 920-659-5606. My debts are paid, every $11,000. However, I can see in my portal that $6,000 went to both creditors and the other over $5,000 went directly to Helbing.

When you make your last payment, they LITERALLY ask you to go to their website, click Trust Pilot and leave a 5-star review. I said no, I`ll let the review *I* feel, but the guy on the phone said I should leave it as 5 stars. Probably why they have so many. Communication is. I`m glad my debt was gone, but I felt so uncomfortable for 1.5 years, handed over my $400+ monthly, and wondered if they were trustworthy. Update – I left the same review on and Helbing contacted me to discuss my review, they left me a message to call back, I did, I left a message and they never called back! HOT WASTE! I`m glad they didn`t call back, I`m done with them, I never want to talk to anyone again, but I want everyone to know how horrible they are! I wonder if this is a scam and they use the name Erik Helding as in the real Erik Helding the tax officer – net worth $2.82 million. However, this Erik is active in the insurance sector. I called the number for Debt Trends and spoke to an Amanda L. who said that if my CC debt was 60,000, I would only pay 39,000 out of 600+ monthly payments for 5 years. I gave her my ss# and my dob, with which she promised a gentle blow. She quickly sent me a report with all my credit card accounts. I said I should choose the accounts I want to keep open and check the ones I want to add to their program.

I looked at the email and the name Amanda Lacosta @ some kind of attorney recommendation is all that`s in the email. I received an email from a lawyer indicating that he represented Helbing Law Group. The email asking me to remove “the link”, which probably means that the lawyer wants the message deleted. While the lawyer said, “I would also ask you not to try to resolve this issue with an update,” this is a good learning opportunity for debt relief companies and consumers. Is there anything specific that`s bothering you right now? is it Helbing Law Group? Please let me know that I am about to start a 2 year program and now I am worried that I signed up with them in January 2020. They started well, but COVID hit. I`m sure it`s a good time to negotiate debt, because everyone is so committed to helping those affected by COVID. I just sent POA, I couldn`t get anyone to notarize it for a while. I will check the progress, I really hope they are not scammers. Verification can help real people write reviews about real businesses.